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Template Tango parses templates written in a twig-like templating language.

Environment variables and variables loaded from a .env file are made available in the templates.

The application is available as a stand-alone binary with NO dependencies, so you can easily include it in your docker image (by copying it from the Template Tango image)

Intended usage

It's primary usage if parsing configuration templates in docker container boot scripts. These templates can have conditional sections.


Parsing a template file:

tango parse:file nginx_server.conf.twig >> nginx_server.conf

Parsing all .twig files

And outputting them to another directory, without the .twig extension. The input dir is also used as the work directory. .env files are always loaded from the current work directory (not the input directory)

tango parse:dir ./templates.d ./conf.d

Example template:


server { # simple reverse-proxy listen 80; {% if HTTPS_ENABLED == 1 %} listen 443; ssl_certificate {{ SSL_CERT }}; ssl_certificate_key {{ SSL_CERT_KEY }}; {% endif %} # pass requests location / { proxy_pass{{ BACKEND_PORT }}; } }


HTTPS_ENABLED=0 SSL_CERT=www.example.com.crt SSL_CERT_KEY=www.example.com.key BACKEND_PORT=80
Last modified: 02 januari 2024